This is our premium template. It's not just a pretty template, it's a complete business you could import into your ESTAGE with a click of a button. What is the business?

Your Own SAAS platform that allows people to build their own Mobile Apps and publish them on App Stores with ZERO knowledge of coding!

As the business owner, you get your own reseller access to the platform and get to sell memberships to the platform while setting YOUR OWN PRICES. You decide also if it is a monthly membership or one-time... totally up to you.

Besides selling platform access, you could also sell individual apps to local businesses and charge them a setup fee (1-2K) plus monthly hosting.

The possibilities are endless....

Pre-Launch Pricing (One-Time)

Jan 23 - Jan 31 $600

Feb 1 - Feb 14 $900

Feb 15 - Launch $1200

Click on the Image below, to See a Published App on Google Play